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Pedasi Virus Update

We just got notice last week that the strict quarantine that we have had for more than two months will be lifted on Monday June 1, 2020. Previously, we could only leave our house for two hours three times a week. And only one person per family/household could go out. Women could only go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Men could only go out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
But starting Monday, we all can leave anytime between 5am and 7pm! We are all required to wear a mask and practice social distancing of 2.5 meters when away from our home. I’ll do it but not in support of this protocol, baby steps!

But there still won’t be many businesses open because Panama has a six stage plan to reopen the economy and Block 2 starts on Monday. Block 2 allows for some construction workers to go back to work-YEA!!!

Restaurants are still only take out or home delivery only. Grocery stores have a limit on how many people can be inside. Banks have reduced hours. Hardware stores are open with a limit of how many people can be inside. And, we’re still restricted on where we can travel to within Panama.
It’s definitely not life back to normal but at least we do have a little bit more freedom moving toward normality. We are not on required sobriety anymore either-YEA!!! And we can fish on Saturdays to give fish to the community for food. Lifting the strict lockdown is a big step.

Tocumen International Airport opens June 22 but we don’t know what the rules will be for incoming traffic. This is quick update on the Covid-19 progress down here in Paradise! BTW, so far not 1 diagnosed Corona Virus case in Pedasi.

Tim Roberts – CEO
PREF Real Estate Developers, SA

Social Distancing Practices.