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No Hurricanes in Panama

Did you know there is no recorded information on hurricanes ever striking land in Panama? That’s right! Panama, at just 9 degrees latitude, is too far south for hurricanes! Here’s an interesting map that illustrates why Panama never has and will never have a hurricane. The Republic of Panama is safely located outside of the ferocious, nasty hurricane belt. A hurricane has NEVER struck Panama – NOT EVER!

Panama = NO Hurricanes.

Panama Hurricane Never Struck
Common Hurricane Corridor Route

It’s one of the top reasons ex-pats from the East Coast relocate from the US to Panama. In comparison, in the year 2004-2005, Florida endured hurricane Wilma, causing $29.2 billion in damage, Charley, resulting in $18.2 billion in damage, Ivan which was $18.1 billion in damage, Frances, which generated $10.4 billion in damage, Jeanne, ended up costing $8.0 billion in damage. In fact, just in September 2004 alone, Florida was whacked by both Frances and Jeanne.

Fortunately, Panama is safely located out of harm’s way from any hurricanes. When it comes to Panama weather, just say NO! NO Hurricanes, NO Snow, NO Blizzards, NO Sleet, NO Hail, NO Freezing Temperatures, NO Ice except in our margarita glasses.

So Come To Panama & Turn YOUR Frown Upside Down!

Panama’s weather is so good that the Panama Canal was built here, chosen among other countries, precisely because Panama has no hurricanes, Cyclone or tsunamis! Only beautiful weather all year long. Rain season between May and November, and beautiful rainforests perfect for bird watching.

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