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Pedasi reels you in with its charm and beauty, only to impress you with its deep well of opportunity and adventure. This paradise of contrasts offers unique and surprising ways to enjoy this beautiful landscape. Whether you’re in Pedasi for a weekend, a season, or a lifetime– your time in Pedasi is sure to charm you and put you in a healthy frame of mind.

The Town of Pedasi

Downtown Pedasi is small and quaint. It’s main attraction being the beautiful Central Plaza. The Plaza makes up the heart of Pedasi and is surrounded by a handful of restaurants, cafes, shops & bars. There is often live music or a casual party going on in “downtown” area of Pedasi, and don’t be surprised to see a mix of old and young chatting, dancing, catching up on the day and evening. Just sitting relaxing in the Plaza is enjoyable. The locals in Pedasi are super friendly and commonly greet visitors with a welcoming smile. Many still use their horses to get from A to B, sometime a bike.

Pedasi Geography

Set in an environment alive with native flora and fauna, Pedasi is a nature-lover’s paradise. One of the five districts of Panama’s Los Santos Province, Pedasi accounts for 378 square miles of raw, natural beauty– with rolling green hills, pristine rainforest, white-sand islands, and many beaches to enjoy. Pedasi is far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of Panama City to serve as a true retreat, yet close enough to remain a convenient getaway. A mere 45-minute flight separates Pedasi from the glittering skyline of Panama City, or an easy 4.5-hour drive on fully paved roads.

Pedasi Climate

Pedasi’s prime positioning makes it one of the sunniest, yet coolest parts, of Panama.
Sitting in the “arco seco,” or dry Pacific arc, of Panama, Pedasi receives relatively little annual rainfall compared to the rest of Panama. And while it’s temperatures may resemble those of the Panama City (an average of 25-27 C compared to the capital’s 27C) the unpolluted air and unobstructed ocean breeze makes Pedasi feel much cooler. There’s a sincerely soothing vibe to Pedasi, with easy-going residents, mesmerizing scenery, and excellent outdoor recreation. With a steadily growing expat community and tourism scene, there’s always a good time to be had at one of Pedasi’s diverse dining options and playful beach bars.
Our quaint and colorful streets, profound natural beauty, and dynamic, international community come together to form a truly remarkable atmosphere.

Things to Do in Pedasi

Pedasi is a healthy, nature-oriented kind of place, as evidenced by the countless opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventure.
Everything around here is tranquilo as we say (relaxed). Pedasi is the ideal refuge to relax in a hammock for hours and not to do anything but enjoying the rustic-glory of the region– the idyllic green hills, spectacular ocean views, and laid-back lifestyle. If you do find yourself itching for some action, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Pedasi. As tourism and lifestyle has evolved in Pedasi, so too have the many ways one can enjoy this spectacular landscape. Some favorite passtimes include surfing, diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, exploration by horseback, exploring the many beaches and surrounding islands, and more. Every year affords new and exciting ways to experience Pedasi.

Places to visit

Pedasi Community

  • You never know what language you’ll hear in the colorful pockets Pedasi, where cultures from around the world have converged to form a truly diverse community. Generations of timeless Panamanian cultures blends splendidly with the modern, international vibe brought in by Pedasi’s growing community of expats, Europeans, Snow Birds and international travelers.
  • You’re just as likely to see a traditional Panamanian family rocking the distinctive pollera dress as you are a group of adventurous travelers, brazen entrepreneurs, laid-back retirees, or ambitious developers of the board shorts-and-flip-flops variety. Such diversity is part of the unique advantages of Pedasi– whatever your story, you’re likely to find those both similar and different in every way– and feel right at home regardless.
  • Pedasi – a lively place – and besides its foreign investors and new features, it remains honest. Honest to where it came from and what it is. Different types of travelers and investors come to Pedasi. If you are in search of an eco-friendly spot, a boutique hotel lover with a affectation for unique designs or a cutting-edge investor with a grand vision you will have a good time here and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. With the Pacific Ocean at its doorstep and lush mountains all around, Pedasi is a charming beach town with a steadily growing expat and vacation community.
  • Originally known for its excellent surfing and fishing, Pedasi has been winning the hearts of sea-lovers for centuries. Today, its winning hearts from around the world, drawn by Pedal’s natural beauty, sea-going lifestyle, low cost of living, and friendly, diverse community. The town of Pedasi is quaint and colorful– a mix of traditional Panamanian casitas and newer, modern homes ranging from economic to luxurious. 
  • The Plaza sits within 5-10 minutes of plenty of lovely beaches and islands, and 20-30 minutes from dozens more beaches and attractions– including Playa Venao, a top surfing and nightlife destination. There’s something special about being an early adopter in a fast-growing community. You get the feeling you can grow along with the town, consider its gains and triumphs partly your own. You can help shape the community’s growth, or be a part of the growth yourself by starting a local business or non-profit. Living in Pedasi, there are just enough trails blazed to keep you comfortable. The uncharted land is yours for the blazing.