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Do You Have a Plan B?

You’ve probably heard of Panama because of the Panama Canal, which connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, but have you ever thought about making Panama home? If you’re concerned about today’s political landscape and getting tired with a system that is, at times, unfair to law-abiding citizens, Panama is the perfect Plan B!

Pedasi La Jolla Air Beach View

If you’re ready to retire or find a better place to live and work, Panama has so much to offer. There’s a reason why more than 20,000 ex-pats are living in the country! Panama has a low cost of living where a couple can comfortably live a life of luxury on less than $2000 per month. It also has a robust and affordable healthcare system. The government and the economy are strong and stable, and we use the US dollar as its main currency.

You’ll come for safety, but you’ll relish the natural beauty and eternal summer! Imagine living right on the ocean where you can swim, kite-surf, and catch 40-pound tuna every day? You’ll love the quaint town of Pedasi several shops, and delicious restaurants! And that’s not all! Panama is 100% hurricane-free! That’s right! There are NO hurricanes in Panama. People from all over the world flock to Panama because it has something for everyone.

As ex-pats ourselves, we at PREF Real Estate Developers understand the need for a safe place that makes living easy. That’s precisely why in our oceanfront community we call La Jolla de Panama, we’re building beautiful ocean-view condominiums, duplexes, and single-family home villas at an incredible price! It’s our goal to provide a variety of lifestyle choices that embrace every person’s individuality and culture so you can live a carefree and safe lifestyle. Join our international community and be part of the growing interest we’ve recently seen from the whole world. Consider our La Jolla community and its oceanfront location. It’s a peaceful, safe, and healthy lifestyle, with beautiful homes and high speed WiFi. It’s definitely a “PLAN B” worth considering!

Welcome to the Tuna Coast

The Tuna Coast is so named because it’s one of the best places for fishing in the world! It’s not uncommon to catch 35 to 50 pound tuna just off our shores every day! Also, we have Wahoo, Dorado and others in this great fishery. Just a four-hour drive from Panama City, you’ll find rolling hills mixed with flat land and very lush open areas with stunning views.

The Tuna Coast is made up of the provinces of Los Santos and Herrera, along with the southern tip of Veraguas—the only province in Panama that boasts both Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Here, you will also find several national parks with its own unique wildlife as well as archeological sites dating back centuries! It’s truly something everyone should experience in person!

The Azuero Peninsula is one of the last places in Panama to be “discovered.” In Panama, everyone gets to enjoy a leisurely yet active quality of life. So what are you waiting for? Join the La Jolla Family and call Paradise home! We’re waiting for you on the Tuna Coast!

Tuna Coast Style Social Distance

It’s important to raise awareness of the social distancing measures established by the Ministry of Health of Panama! At PREF Developers, it’s our mission and commitment to promote health and safety in our community. Here we leave social distancing reccomdations in the Pedasieño style of the Tuna Coast known worldwide! Enjoy it.

Pedasi Virus Update

We just got notice last week that the strict quarantine that we have had for more than two months will be lifted on Monday June 1, 2020. Previously, we could only leave our house for two hours three times a week. And only one person per family/household could go out. Women could only go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Men could only go out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
But starting Monday, we all can leave anytime between 5am and 7pm! We are all required to wear a mask and practice social distancing of 2.5 meters when away from our home. I’ll do it but not in support of this protocol, baby steps!

But there still won’t be many businesses open because Panama has a six stage plan to reopen the economy and Block 2 starts on Monday. Block 2 allows for some construction workers to go back to work-YEA!!!

Restaurants are still only take out or home delivery only. Grocery stores have a limit on how many people can be inside. Banks have reduced hours. Hardware stores are open with a limit of how many people can be inside. And, we’re still restricted on where we can travel to within Panama.
It’s definitely not life back to normal but at least we do have a little bit more freedom moving toward normality. We are not on required sobriety anymore either-YEA!!! And we can fish on Saturdays to give fish to the community for food. Lifting the strict lockdown is a big step.

Tocumen International Airport opens June 22 but we don’t know what the rules will be for incoming traffic. This is quick update on the Covid-19 progress down here in Paradise! BTW, so far not 1 diagnosed Corona Virus case in Pedasi.

Tim Roberts – CEO
PREF Real Estate Developers, SA

Social Distancing Practices.

No Hurricanes in Panama

Did you know there is no recorded information on hurricanes ever striking land in Panama? That’s right! Panama, at just 9 degrees latitude, is too far south for hurricanes! Here’s an interesting map that illustrates why Panama never has and will never have a hurricane. The Republic of Panama is safely located outside of the ferocious, nasty hurricane belt. A hurricane has NEVER struck Panama – NOT EVER!

Panama = NO Hurricanes.

Panama Hurricane Never Struck
Common Hurricane Corridor Route

It’s one of the top reasons ex-pats from the East Coast relocate from the US to Panama. In comparison, in the year 2004-2005, Florida endured hurricane Wilma, causing $29.2 billion in damage, Charley, resulting in $18.2 billion in damage, Ivan which was $18.1 billion in damage, Frances, which generated $10.4 billion in damage, Jeanne, ended up costing $8.0 billion in damage. In fact, just in September 2004 alone, Florida was whacked by both Frances and Jeanne.

Fortunately, Panama is safely located out of harm’s way from any hurricanes. When it comes to Panama weather, just say NO! NO Hurricanes, NO Snow, NO Blizzards, NO Sleet, NO Hail, NO Freezing Temperatures, NO Ice except in our margarita glasses.

So Come To Panama & Turn YOUR Frown Upside Down!

Panama’s weather is so good that the Panama Canal was built here, chosen among other countries, precisely because Panama has no hurricanes, Cyclone or tsunamis! Only beautiful weather all year long. Rain season between May and November, and beautiful rainforests perfect for bird watching.

So what are you waiting for? Call Panama home! Register to learn more about our beachfront properties.

Daily flights to Pedasi

Panamanian businessmen will retake the Aeroperlas brand to increase options in the local air market. Aeroperlas would have its base of operations at the Marcos A. Gelabert terminal, located in the Albrook sector, from where flights depart for Chiriquí, Bocas del Toro and guna Yala region. Say the saying: at blacksmith’s house, stick knife.

Daily flights to Pedasi

Panama is recognized as one of the most important hubs in the region, but this success is not replicated to the country’s internals. While a passenger can reach more than 85 international destinations directly, taking a flight from Tocumen International Airport,the offer of internal travel is quite limited and intermittent. Since 2012, Air Panamá offers daily internal flights to the provinces of Chiriquí, Bocas del Toro and the Guna Yala region.

A few years later, Copa Airlines established regular flights between Tocumen and the city of David, but due to the company’s problems with the shutdown of MAX aircraft, manufactured by Boeing, demand exceeds the supply of seats, making the company flourish dissatisfied passenger complaints.

Unlike in Panama, in Colombia, 20 companies are competing a market of 240 internal routes that are used by more than 25 million passengers a year. In the neighboring country there is a natural demand, for the size of its market. But in the case of Panama, the lack of internal connectivity is a weakness for a Panamanian economy, which puts much of its effort into attracting tourists visiting beach, mountain and adventure destinations. Source: La Prensa.

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