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My name is Tim Roberts and I am the Founder and CEO of PREF Real Estate Developers, the company developing the La Jolla de Panama, Pedasi Community. We are thrilled that you have come to see what we have to offer, and we hope by the time you leave that you feel like part of the La Jolla de Panama, Pedasi community. We are proud of what we have created here at “The Jewel” and we are excited about our future. We are working to be the “go to” beachfront community on the Azuero Peninsula that connects people with each other and the beautiful ocean in front of us. I think you will agree making that vision a reality.

We have 4 residential programs to offer our clients, Single Family Homes, Duplex’s, Condos and Custom Lots. Our clients will fall in love, not just with the views, beaches and amenities, but also with the people and local culture of Pedasi. I am sure you will enjoy our multi million dollar Beach Club with infinity pool, Bar and Grill and activities. Enjoy and contact us at anytime through our contact page, what’s app or me at tim@prefdevelopers.com.
Good times!

Tim Roberts
CEO, PREF Developers.

La Jolla Bar & Grill

The best entertainment in front of the sea, a charming place.

Ocean Front Properties

The relaxing life you deserve is here in La Jolla

Next Event: @LaJollaBar&Grill: it´s Taco Tuesday

Daily flights to Pedasi and Contadora
Panamanian entrepreneurs will retake the Aeroperlas brand to increase options in the local air market. …
The Beach Bums Love today @The Jewel
Come and join us today @LaJolla with The Beach Bums Live!
Taco Tuesday
$1 for Fish and beef Tacos. $1 National Beers.
New Year Celebration Night
Hi! Do you Want to receive New Year 2020 at La Jolla Beach Club? come …
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